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Hey there!

I’m Rusti, I am 35 years old, and in case you didn’t catch on already – I’m married to a cop. Hence the name of the blog. Hubs and I met in school when we were five years old, grew up together, were high school sweethearts and have been together for over 19 years now. We were married in November of 2006, added a fourth member to our family in February of 2007 (our chocolate lab, Turbo – we already had a cat, Batman) and then again in January of 2009 when our daughter Goose was born. (No, her name isn’t actually “Goose” – it’s a nickname, obviously.) We added our second daughter,  Gator in May of 2012 (yes, another nickname) and last summer Hubs brought home a kitten – which the girls named Broccoli. We’re looking forward to completing our family (at least with 2-legged children) this summer when our Baby Boy “Gecko” arrives 🙂

I work outside of the home, full time as a secretary, and also have my own little freelance graphic design business going on – although in my area, with my experience, business is slow… I’m usually doing wedding/baby/birthday related stationary/invitations/thank yous, etc. although I have done a few blog headers and a few professional logos… most of my customer are family & friends, so I’m really not making any $$ in that area currently. 😉

Hubs is a Sergeant with a Sheriff’s Office and works a funky schedule. We enjoy the time that we have together – although it’s quite often spent doing housework, yardwork, grocery shopping, etc…. ya know, things that are easier done with another adult when you’re chasing after a couple active girls 🙂 He’s been a cop for 11 years, loves his job, and wants to continue his education in Criminal Forensics or Criminal Law one of these days…

Goose is freshly seven years old, is finishing up 1st grade, and loves school, playing with her friends, reading and spending time with Momma, Papa & her sister. While she can be quite sassy already (I swear she’s 7 going on 17!) – she’s also a super sweet, caring, loving little girl, who loves her friends and family… she’s a total Papa’s Girl and a great helper with house and yardwork, as well as with Gator, when she wants to be 😉 She has Hubs right where she wants him, which is wrapped solidly around her little tiny finger, and he loves every minute of it. She is our shy little Sunshine, and we couldn’t imagine life without her.

Gator is almost out of the Thunderous Threes (thank goodness) and is a Wild Child. She made a super fast recovery from Open Heart Surgery at 11wks old, and hasn’t slowed down since. This kid is spunky, fearless, outgoing, and adores her big sister. She’s a Momma’s Girl to her soul (Hubs says that will change once her baby brother arrives, but we’ll see! I think she’s firmly in Momma’s court) She loves preschool and playing pretend, she is sweet and fun, and has perfected the “puppy dog” expression which she uses often when she thinks she’s headed for a Time Out (and sadly – it usually works!) Her favorite things to do are to play with Goose and her friends at preschool/childcare, ADORES being outside (preferably without a coat) and is currently going through a “No Unders” phase… sometimes no socks either.  She keeps us laughing – even when we’re trying not to!

These girls are the light of our lives, the center of our universe, our entire world… and we’re excited to complete our family with Baby #3 soon! (and yes, we’re excited it’s a boy, but NO, we weren’t “trying for a boy”… Hubs and I were both kinda hoping for another girl, and let’s just say when we found out – words inappropriate for little ears came from both of our mouths! LOL – it just took us some time to adjust to the news, and I still need to sort through the 20+ totes of baby/toddler girls clothes in our basement – ha!)

Thanks for swinging in to meet us, I hope you’ll be back to visit soon and often!

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